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2023 Detroit Grand Prix in Pictures

  1. June 1,2, 2023

  2. June 2,3, 2023

  3. June 4, 2023


Worker registration is now open for the
2023 Chevrolet Grand Prix of Detroit
Friday June 2 to  Sunday June 4

Registration closes June 1, 2023 at 07:59 AM EDT!

SCCA Volunteer areas:

  • Registration

  • Hospitality

  • Technical Inspection

  • Equipment Transport & Management

  • Emergency Services (Fire/Rescue)

  • Timing & Scoring

  • Flagging & Communications

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From Detroit Region Flag Chief:

(June 5, 2023)

Good morning 

I hope you had a great weekend.   WE DID IT!

I want to let you know how very much I appreciate each of you. 

We will be getting a thank you email from Bill Armitage that I will share when received.  SHOUT OUTS to Start and Turn 2 for maximum pivots and flexibility.

You each and all were flexible and adapted to the RETURN to the STREETS 

Bill texted me this am that Indy/IMSA were very happy with the event and our performance.  Trans Am also went very well. 

I have and hope you have many happy memories. 

Please email me with suggestions/ comments/concerns. 

I really do care about each of you and yes we need closer red rooms.

We have other improvements to make -lunches were a highlight - in addition to the highlight of the action on the streets.

Reach out with questions about future events and find more events on MI Turn Marshals and Motorsportreg-- including the Petit and Indy races and our local gem, Waterford Hills. 

I look forward to seeing you at a race very soon.   




NOTE:  please share if I unintentionally missed anyone- THANKS


Cindy Wisner, Detroit Region SCCA

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